ExamPro's AWS Bootcamp: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry

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ExamPro's AWS Bootcamp: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry


As the tech world converges on AWS re:Invent 2023, a hub of innovation and cloud computing prowess, ExamPro seizes the moment to launch an equally transformative educational experience. We're proud to announce the release of our comprehensive AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp on freeCodeCamp, a platform synonymous with accessible, top-quality tech learning. This meticulously crafted bootcamp arrives just in time to complement the cutting-edge discussions happening at re:Invent, bridging the gap between industry-leading expertise and ambitious learners across the globe.

In an era where the cost of education soars, our AWS Bootcamp emerges as a beacon of democratized learning. It challenges the traditional academic paradigm, offering a full spectrum of cloud computing education at zero cost—a stark contrast to the hefty tuition fees of Canadian colleges and universities. For those who seek an even deeper dive, ExamPro provides a paid tier, unlocking a wealth of resources for just $50. It's more than a course; it's a catalyst for change, empowering tech enthusiasts to harness the power of AWS without the financial burden of conventional education.

Join us as we explore how ExamPro's AWS Bootcamp is not only revolutionizing cloud education but also offering a timely and cost-effective alternative to traditional academic pathways.

Overview of ExamPro's AWS Bootcamp

In the landscape of cloud education, ExamPro's AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp stands out as a trailblazing initiative. Designed to mimic the rigor and depth of a semester-long Canadian university course, our bootcamp is tailored to deliver a rich, interactive learning experience that transcends traditional classroom boundaries.

The Genesis of Mastery

Our bootcamp began as a bold idea: to offer comprehensive AWS cloud education to anyone, anywhere, without the financial barriers. We crafted a curriculum that covers the essentials and intricacies of AWS, designed to guide learners from foundational concepts to the complexities of real-world project implementation.

Structure and Substance

Over 14 weeks, participants engage with an array of topics through 10,000+ enrollments, reflecting the bootcamp's overwhelming appeal. The structure is intensive yet flexible, accommodating learners of various backgrounds and commitments. It includes:

  • In-depth lectures and demonstrations

  • Practical follow-alongs for hands-on experience

  • Access to industry professionals as mentors and guest instructors

  • A supportive community fostering collaboration and networking

Curriculum Outline

  • Week 0 — Billing and Architecture: We kick off our bootcamp with an essential foundation in AWS billing and architecture. This initial week is crucial for learners to understand the financial aspects and structural design of AWS services, setting the stage for more complex topics ahead.

  • Week 1 — App Containerization: Diving into the world of containerization, this week focuses on the application of Docker and similar technologies within AWS. Participants learn how to containerize applications, a skill pivotal in today's cloud-centric environments.

  • Week 2 — Distributed Tracing: Here, we explore the intricacies of monitoring and tracing in distributed systems. Learners gain insights into tools and practices for maintaining visibility in complex, distributed architectures.

  • Week 3 — Decentralized Authentication: Addressing a critical aspect of cloud security, this week delves into decentralized authentication methods. Students learn to implement robust security measures in their AWS environments.

  • Week 4 — Postgres and RDS: Focusing on database management, this week covers PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), equipping learners with the knowledge to manage databases effectively in AWS.

  • Week 5 — DynamoDB and Serverless Caching: This week introduces DynamoDB, AWS's NoSQL database service, and the concept of serverless caching. Participants explore how to leverage these technologies for high-performance applications.

  • Week 6 — Deploying Containers: Building on Week 1's containerization theme, this session dives deeper into deploying and managing containers in AWS, using services like ECS and EKS.

  • Week 7 — Solving CORS with a Load Balancer and Custom Domain: A practical week, where learners tackle Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) issues using AWS Load Balancers and custom domain configurations.

  • Week 8 — Serverless Image Processing: A hands-on exploration into serverless architectures, focusing on a real-world application: image processing. This week is all about harnessing AWS Lambda and other serverless services.

  • Week 9 — CI/CD with CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy: An in-depth look at AWS's tools for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Learners get practical experience in automating their software delivery process.

  • Week 10 — CloudFormation Part 1: The first part of a two-week exploration of AWS CloudFormation, teaching participants how to automate cloud resource management.

  • Week 11 — CloudFormation Part 2: Continuing from the previous week, learners delve deeper into advanced CloudFormation techniques for complex AWS environments.

  • Week 12 — Modern APIs: This week is dedicated to the creation and management of modern APIs using AWS technologies, a critical skill in today’s API-driven world.

  • Week 13 — (Secret Bonus Class): A surprise finale, this week promises an exciting and enriching capstone experience, bringing together all the skills and knowledge gained throughout the bootcamp.

With over 15 guest instructors, advisors, and mentors:

Empowerment Through Accessibility

Our bootcamp is free on YouTube for the global community, a commitment that aligns with our core philosophy of educational equity. The free tier offers vast knowledge, whereas the paid tier—priced at an accessible $50—unlocks additional learning tools like study notes, project validation, a certificate of completion, and a badge, enhancing the educational journey.

Industry-Sponsored Scholarships

In our commitment to diversifying the tech industry, we've joined forces with distinguished sponsors, including Adrian Cantrill and WeCloudData. These partnerships have been instrumental not only in funding scholarships specifically aimed at empowering minority women but also in supporting the overall development, production, and delivery of our bootcamp. Through these collaborative efforts, we're breaking down barriers and nurturing underrepresented talent in technology, ensuring a more inclusive future in the tech landscape.

A Resounding Success

The success of our AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp is not just in numbers but in the stories of transformation. Participants leave with not just knowledge, but with confidence, skills, and a competitive edge in the job market. They echo a singular sentiment: ExamPro's bootcamp is not just a course—it's a career-defining experience.

Join the Cloud Revolution

Are you ready to elevate your cloud computing skills? Whether you're starting your journey in technology or looking to deepen your AWS expertise, ExamPro's AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp is your gateway to new heights. Join a community of learners who are transforming their careers and the tech industry.

  • Explore: Visit our website to delve deeper into the bootcamp details and curriculum.

  • Enroll: Sign up today and start your journey with us. Whether you choose our free tier on YouTube or the enhanced paid tier, an enriching learning experience awaits.

  • Spread the Word: Know someone who could benefit from this bootcamp? Share this opportunity and help us build a more diverse and skilled tech community.

At ExamPro, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. This bootcamp is our contribution to that belief—a stepping stone for many to a fulfilling career in technology. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. The cloud is vast, and its possibilities are endless. Let's explore them together.